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Carcassonne to Barcelona

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Well I’m exhausted. Last night I went to Monaco. While there, a bird shit on my head, and I quickly lost my small gambling allowance to a roulette table at Casino Monte Carlo. I did not meet James Bond. Monaco: B-

Today, I made it across the south of France, explored a Medieval fortified castle city, and continued on to Spain. I ate a macaron as I left France on the train from Narbonne to Barcelona. By the time I hit my new AirBnb (up five flights of stairs), I was sweaty and beat from hauling my suitcase around (and up). I passed out on the bed immediately, and so now I’m awake at 5am to post this.

Carcassonne! This is a trip highlight for sure. I really wanted to go here. I did a report on this place in my high school French class, and I love the game based on it. Damn those game artists did a superb job! I walked all around between the outer and inner walls, pictured here, through the town and along the inner wall and ramparts. The place is touristy for sure, with kitschy souvenirs like plastic shields and swords, etc. but if you ignore that and admire the history and architecture, it’s really something.

The original wall was started by the Romans, and you can see about a third of the way up where the rocks change and arrow slits start. As a hilltop fortification near the French border with Spain, Carcassonne saw some action for about a thousand years, with many changes, additions, and restorations throughout. As of 1997, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so they put these really annoying yellow painted aluminum circles all over the front of the whole castle to celebrate 20 years, and effectively ruin every visitors chance at a good, classic view or photo of the main gate. I mean, it’s an eyesore, and I’m salty about it. Also, 2017 is super over - take that ugly tape off! Google it, because I won’t bother putting that picture up here. 😞

Going back to sleep now. 💤

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