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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Dress by Paris, sunburn by Nice, AirBnb with a balcony by Barcelona.

Buenos días from Barcelona! It finally rained on my trip, but the views and atmosphere have still been astounding. I’ve walked and climbed more hills and flights of stairs here than in any other place on my trip. My legs ache, my left middle toe has a blister, my right big toe feels sprained or something (not sure, but it hurts to bend it), and in the past two days, I’ve tripped or fallen on stairs twice. I blame tired legs and feet.

The walks included much of Gaudí’s work - Park Güell and the outsides of Sagrada Familia and the houses in Eixample. The €20+ entry fee to those is steep, so I only admired the outside. I also went up to Montjüic and rode the cable car down to the beach. The Gothic Quarter, El Born, and Las Rambles are all outstanding.

I’ve had many yummy tapas and much cheap wine here. The food is delicious and I’m all about the tiny bite-sized pintxos.

Not much else to report other than I’m off to catch a flight to Madrid, and hope the transit to the airport is as straightforward as all the other buses and metros have been so far!

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